Siberian Sturgeon Caviar

Siberian Sturgeon (BAE): The Siberian sturgeon (acipenser baerii) is the „mother of sturgeon breeding“. As a purely sweet water sturgeon, its original range extends across numerous rivers in Russia (Lena, Ural, Volga) up to western Europe. It attains a similar size as the Sevruga sturgeon. With a length of up to 1.50 metres, it may achieve a weight of over 50 kilos and already reaches spawning maturity at the age of at most 6. This and the large caviar yield of over 10% have made the Siberian sturgeon the most commonly distributed sturgeon species in aquacultures today..

Another black caviar we are offering is "Black pearl" which is also made of caviar of the Siberian sturgeon. Taste, the size and appearance of berries allow the buyer to take pleasure and estimate advantages of black caviar. Production is made by the Russian masters of caviar combining experience, saved up by generations, with modern technologies. The fish and the caviar used in manufacture, is grown up on sturgeon farms under constant quality assurance and conditions of fishes. Special attention we concentrate on sorting and classification of caviar. Depending on a feed, a season and subspecies of fishes received caviar can be two color shades - greenish and grayish. The Siberian sturgeon and also all parts and products of its are covered by CITES. Therefore, getting our production, you do not harm to the nature and keep a livestock of wild sturgeons.